How To Manifest $100,000

The old money manifesting How To Guide. It’s my favourite How To Guide.

It's the next best thing to buying a lotto ticket really isn't it? With its glamorous visioning tasks of really really putting yourself on that yacht, really totally imagining eating that meal your personal chef prepared, really really truly feeling your hair pull as you replenish those hair extensions every 6 weeks. Gosh it's fun to dream, and manifesting makes it feel so easy and so real.

So every couple of months I'd attempt to swallow the manifesting money magic pill I purchased from that dodgy looking website. It arrives with a shady printed pdf with bad typos telling me How To.

And I would follow it. Blindly.  

Doesn’t smell like a marketing tool at all does it?

Anyways, I’d fall for it every now and then. Why? You should know, you’re an entrepreneur. You’ve ridden the ebbs and flows. The trickle and the gushes. (Of cash, not your cycle). 

Wouldn't it be nice to just have $100,000 sitting there? Never wondering again if you're going to ebb when all you want to do is get on that plane, drink yourself to sleep and wake up 14 hours later in LA?  

So yeah, I’d get suckered in from time to time. 

I’ve smartened up since however when I saw a post in a Facebook group with a challenge: How To Manifest $100,000 This Month, my old school curiosity got the better of me. I clicked on the first video. 

As per usual, it started listing out ‘the rules’ to manifesting, starting with a list of things I had to journal on. 

First up: the whole getting really fucking specific thing, like figuring out the reasons behind why I wanted the money. And what I would spend it on. And what it means to me. And what that felt like in my loins. And if on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the saddest and 10 being the happiest, how does each and every thing I want to spend that money on make me feel. 

Instead of nodding along, yes ma’am no ma’am, I yawned. 

Bored now.

Woah. Usually before they've finished I've opened my new untouched $40 journal to dedicate just to this. 

Not this time. I'm not buying it.

And no, it’s not resistant.

It's call discernment. 

They don’t have all the right answers for me and my business.

Only I have the right answers for me and my business.

And just like that, the mental chatter from the Facebook Group settled to a faint whisper. The white noise from the How To Guide went dead silent. It was just me, my beating heart, my deep breathe and freedom. 

The pill you're all looking for? 


I trust myself, and all of me that I can make $100,000.

Whenever. However. Doing whatever.

The way? My way. 

You will always have the answers, because you have always been the one.