How To Find Your Voice

Here's the secret.

The big reveal.

The thing you've been searching for.

Here's how to find it:

You've already found it.

It never got lost.

You've already got it.

You've just been too afraid to use it.

No shit.

You don't need to "find" your voice. You need to learn how to translate it onto the page.

Because your voice is your personality on paper. And you can't loose your personality. Sure, you can strip it back, you can suppress it, you can try to ignore it.

But you can't loose who you are at your very core.

You can't leave your personality at the party in the lost and found box.

It'll always follow you home, like an annoying little brother who you've been trying to ignore the whole night.

What can happen is you get lost in the space between your mind, your thoughts, your ideas, your world, and putting it into words and onto paper.

Namely because it's scary as shit when you do.

I mean remember saying I love you to your love for the first time.

That shit wasn't just scary. It was heart palpitations, and Holy Shit do I need to go to the ER because my heart is about to explode of my chest with fear and excitement and fear and fear and fear.

But you just had to do it. You had to say the three words.

If you're lucky, you get an I love you right back.

Everything you've ever wanted.

When you use your voice.

Same thing with putting your voice onto paper.

It's terrifying putting what makes you YOU onto paper. And not even for the whole world to read. For YOU to read.

If you're not feeling 'you' in your business, it's not because you've lost your voice.

You've been too afraid to use your voice.

So, how do you overcome that fear?

You don't try and overcome fear. You tune into your heart instead.

And how do you get better at translating your voice onto the page?



Let your voice flow and watch as your community flock to you with ears and eyes at the ready to listen.

You don't need to FIND your voice.

You already have it.

You just need to practice using it.