How To Communicate Like A Boss

It involves more than just spewing out words out and hoping they stick to someone who’s interested.

Because communicating isn't like a gag reflex that just happens to you when you've had one too many Jägerbombs.

To get all science-y on your ass, almost every area of your brain lights up and is active when you’re communicating.

Getting communication right is almost like rocket science for the brain.

That is, it’s a complex process.

Let me give you the university level education a rocket scientist would get, but for your communication.

The Four Principles To Communicating Like A Boss:


The quality of your communication is in the accuracy of your message being received by someone.

If you're explaining to someone how your coaching services work, and they walk away thinking you're going to solve all their problems by giving them a magic pill, than you’ve conveyed an inaccurate message.

As a business owner, it's YOUR JOB to make sure that your message isn't being miscommunicated.

It's YOUR JOB to always be thinking about your audience and use your language to increase the success of the information sticking the landing.

Because when your message lands, and sticks, SALES HAPPEN.


Getting quantity wrong means you’ve either given out too much information or not enough.

Leaving out important details, like the time of your workshop, or going on and on and on about how awesome it's going to be that your person is turned off by your stupid workshop. Hey, they said that, not me.

It's YOUR JOB to give the right amount of information, at the right now.

It's YOUR JOB to wrap your head around what the key message(s) that you want your audience to leave with and communicate it.

Because when you deliver the right amount of the right information, then people do what you want them to do, like BUY SOMETHING.


It's all about staying on topic, not hijacking a conversation with tangential comments or inappropriate behaviours.

Like the time you decided to go on a major rant about your a-ha moment when you realised that your flow this month was heavier than normal, and how that's directly related to your current clients flow, but you're in the graphic design business, not the period business.

It's YOUR JOB to stay on topic.

It's YOUR JOB to communicate things that don't violate your business' brand and voice.

Because when you communicate things that are in relation to what you're selling, you can ACTUALLY SELL THEM.


Manner is all about fluent and timely responses, logical structure in content and appropriate turn taking.

Do you tell a story and chop and change the chronological time frame? It’s freaking confusing to listen to.

And exhausting as hell.

PS - I'm 100% checking out of a shitty story I can't follow.

It's YOUR JOB to know the story outline and the key points you want to share before you share them.

It's YOUR JOB to have your audience follow along with the story and not get lost.

Because when they follow your story, they get to the end, and want to BUY FROM YOU.

It's YOUR JOB to be the boss communicator in your business if you want your business to succeed.