How Game of Thrones Hooked Us All In.

How Game of Thrones hooked us all in. And how your sales page can do the same.

You want to help your client live her truth, her best life, and her highest potential.

You know what they need.

And you’re here to help them find happiness again.

So, it’s time to write your sales page to sell this amazing life changing package.

You write it.

You think it’s emotional. It tells your life story.

You think it speaks your client’s language.

And I believe you.

But it’s not converting browsers to buyers.

It’s not your writing that’s the issue.

It’s your outline.


The Two Questions Every Sales Page Must Answer To Make Sales.

1. What’s the client goal?

2. What are the consequences if your client doesn’t achieve this? If they could happily go about their life without achieving their goal, your sales page won’t convert.

Let’s put our life coach’s client through these three questions.

What’s the client goal? To achieve happiness.

What are the consequences if your client doesn’t achieve this? They continue to bitch about work. They continue to dream of holiday escapes. They continue to drink a bottle of wine a night watching Netflix.

Their comfort zone is a safe alternative to paying you.

Which is how you end up with a sales page that doesn’t tell. And doesn’t sell.

If there’s a something to settle for then there’s no stakes.

And when there’s no stakes?

You don’t get paid.

People need a compelling reason to hand over their cash.

When designing sales pages, answer these questions and turn your reader from ‘hmmm, that’s nice’ into a buyer who’s desperate to throw their money at you immediately. No rapport necessary.

Let me end this here.

Game Of Thrones doesn’t say:

Winter might be coming.

Winter could be coming.

Game Of Thrones says:

Winter Is Coming.

And that is hella compelling.

If your website is getting decent views but no one is buying, it's time to break out the Games Of Thrones copy.

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