Has Growth Been Your Business Crutch?

Growth is my business crutch.

It seems that every week I’m going through another business growth spurt.

I’m not sure when it happened, probably on the road to being a ‘professional copywriter’ but whenever I’m mid-growth and feeling like an awkward gangly teenager who grew 2 inches overnight, writing becomes unbearably hard.

So I do what any sane business owner does.

I avoid doing the hard work.

I stop writing to you.

And set up shop in the waiting zone.

Waiting to feel like I’ve finally got my shit together.

But here’s the secret.

I’m constantly growing, evolving + upleveling.

Which means I’m never going to feel like I’ve got my shit together. Ever.

In the past, I judged myself hard.

I judged my actions.

I judged my decisions.

I judged my words.

All in the name of wanting to feel put together.

An expert. A professional.

The delete button is my best friend.

So many words lost.

Showing up when you’re in the growth phrase is hard work.

It’s honestly the hardest part of being in business.

Creating content and showing up to inspire people when it feels like you’re trending water in a shark-infested sea of competition.

But the thing I’m learning is when you’re a business owner with big ideas.

And a vision and mission.

You. Are. Always. Growing.

The waiting zone doesn’t exist.

A made up construct to keep you small.

There is only now.

Only today to express yourself.

To connect.

To create content.

To entertain.

To inspire.

Which means showing up, making decisions + taking action only exists in the discomfort of growth.

So today.

No matter how awkward you feel while your business is growing.


Express yourself.