Give Yourself A Pay Rise FFS

Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you don’t have an hourly rate.

Let’s calculate it:

  • You wake up at the crack of dawn.
  • You open your emails just incase a sale comes through. From that moment, you’re on the clock.
  • You can’t stop scheming all the ways to make a sale today while you’re eating breakfast.
  • You finally sit at your laptop but you’ve been ‘on’ and in ‘work mode’ since you woke up.
  • You start replying to a few emails.
  • You write a blog post.
  • You plot out a new program that’s going to be THE ONE.
  • You create a new opt in that’s going to be THE ONE.
  • You coach a client.
  • You research how to set up an email welcome series funnel.
  • You do your daily rounds into the Facebook groups and post appropriate promotions.
  • You do a live stream.
  • You schedule your Facebook status updates. 
  • Your love comes home.
  • You leave the laptop to help out with dinner.
  • You try your hardest to be present but you can’t stop thinking about the person who said they want to work with you but never booked. 
  • You’re back to scheming a new way to make your next sale.
  • You pass out in front of the tv.

You woke up at 6AM.

You passed out at 9.30PM

You worked for about 15 hours that day.

Say you’re making $5,000 months. Not bad, right?

Except working 15 hours a day means you work 75 hours a week Monday-Friday.

But you do a few hours on the weekend too.

So let’s round it to 80.

80 hours a week is 320 hours a month.

$5,000 divided by 320 is 15.60.

You’re making $15.60 an hour.

Aren’t you just so sick of working non-stop and not making more than someone who works at MacDonalds?

I mean seriously.

It’s time to give yourself a pay rise.

It’s time to stop spending approximately 24 hours a day thinking up all the ways to ‘market’ your business. It’s time to quit losing your mind hanging out in all the Facebook groups, writing all the emails, coming up with 50 different course ideas, and writing 20 different status updates, all to make ends meet.

It’s time to learn how to write words that do all the work for you.

It’s time to write clear compelling copy that sells anything.

It’s time to write words that do the marketing for you.

You write.

It sells.



And with one hit, instead of needing to spend hours and hours selling.

The only way to give yourself a pay rise and get your life back?

Write persuasive copy that sells.