The One Thing That's Going To Get You Paid Now + Forever (Is The Same Thing That'll Get You Laid).

Smokey make-up that took way too long for the casual hot look you were going for (but, nailed it). A red dress because when was the last time you went on a date? And while no pressure, you’re hoping it’s the last.


Because who goes on dates for funsies?


You washed your hair. Shaved your pits and legs. Silky smooth.


Lipstick freshly applied.


Game on.


You arrive at the hippest burger bar North of the river. 


Burgers. Beer. Bourbon. Fried Pickles. Heaven.


You’re a little nervous, but as soon as you spot him, you breathe out deeply. 


The eye contact lingers long enough for tingles to travel all over your body.


His smile lights up the entire room.


You’re all in on this date. Not even a phone call from your best friend with the fake emergency is going to distract you.


You laugh. A lot. He’s hilarious. 


In-jokes were born for nights like this. 


You’re under his spell. You feel all the feels. You want this night to last forever. Screw everything else. Screw your friends. Screw your business. Screw your cat. 


But the night is coming to a close, what do you do?


You could go home with him. You’re feeling him, and he’s presence is intoxicating. You need more of him.


You could lock in another 5 or 10 dates. You’re liking what you’re seeing but you want more information. 


Either way, bang now or wait, the results could be exactly the same: an amazing relationship.


The. One.


Or, he could end up a dud you never want to see again.


The deciding factor isn’t the actions you take. It’s not because you held out or because you went all in.


The deciding factor is engagement.


Engagement means even days after that date you're still daydreaming about it. Play by play. Over again and again and again. 


Engagement means sparks and tingles course through your body when you think about that first kiss. 


Engagement means being completely enthralled with the first impression. From the denim jacket he took off, showing off his biceps, to the Workaholics quote he throw out there, and it landed.


Engagement means he held your attention for the whole night. You didn't break the connection to Instagram your food.  You were captivated by him.


Engaged. Impressed. Captivated. Delighted. 


Could he be the one? You’re willing to hang around long enough to find out.


To be continued...


So Business Owner,


Dating is a lot like business. 

The end goal is the same, no matter what actions are taken to get you there:


To get laid... I mean paid.


But the one thing that's missing from your game plan to take you all the way:




You're so obsessed with the end result: the cash, that your first date sucks. 


You're not engaging or memorable.


You're not leaving a killer first impression.


You're setting yourself up to be another dud who just wants to get into someone pants, today.


But, your business doesn't have to be like that.


Create an amazing first date.


Accept some people will jump straight in the business sack with you.


Accept others will wait 5-10 emails before deciding you're worth it. 


Either way, make engagement your first priority and clients will come. 



Create some. Get some. 


Watch the clients come.