Don't Buy What You Already Have

I pressed submit. With 30 minutes to spare. Completing my marketing exam for my mini MBA course. 

The last 12 weeks I’ve had my head back in the books. In an MBA course that purely focuses on marketing. And it’s confirmed what I’ve known to be true about the online business world for years.

It’s failing you.

But it’s not your fault. At all. 

It seems so simple on paper. It’s alluring.

You create a funnel. People come in at the top and the funnel spits out dollars at the bottom.

And all you had to do was download the template, fill in the copy, hit the on button and bada-bing. 

A sales machine.

The thing is.

It’s not actually happening like that for you, is it?

Here’s the deal.

Your sales funnel exists whether you’ve purchased one or not.

All a sales funnel refers to is the path people take to buy your shiznit.

You don’t need to buy something you already have. You just need to make it work for you.

You need a unique strategy. Not a piece of software. Not a set of templates. 

Right now your sales funnel is a leaky pipe.

You’re turning on the tap and barely a trickle is coming out. If you take a look under the sink, you’ll see water gushing out of holes left, right, and centre.

There are about six different holes in your sales funnel at the moment. And they’re all at different stages of the sales process. 

It’s time to put on your plumber’s hat and plug those holes. Plumber’s crack not included.

The mistake most business owners make is to just keep throwing more money into the top of the funnel. We’ve all heard the statistic that you can only sell to 1-2% of your list. 

If that’s true, it only makes sense to keep adding more and more and more people into your funnel.

But that’s never going to work. 

The only thing that really matters is what’s happening inside your funnel. 

At every step of your funnel is an opportunity for a leak. Which means there’s an opportunity for a fix.  

And to actually get yourself a sales machine that works.