Emails Equal Endless Cash. Here's How.

Emails. Are. Everything.

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you’ll know that I’m all about screwing the stock standard. Rules? I don’t care for them. 

Tell me to livestream one more time and I’ll unfollow you faster than you can say organic reach.

I’ve got a not-so-secret passion for giving the finger to Internet marketing gurus and doing things my way.

But there’s something that I just can’t seem to give the finger to.

Because it’s helped me so much in my business.

And that’s email.

Email marketing is one of the most important things you need to do when you run your business solely online.

Here’re a couple of whys.

It’s basic stalker maths but every time someone joins your list, you own the information you collect. That means you own the name and the email address (and anything else you collect at the time of signing up) of a potential client or customer. 

And that means if Facebook shuts down tomorrow, you’ve still got access to a community you can continue to connect with and sell to.    

When you grow your following on Facebook or Instagram those contacts aren’t yours. You don’t have a list of their names and an address to contact them should Mr. Zuckerberg have a change of heart and shut down your Facebook page.

But if you’ve collected those email addresses yourself, you can take them anywhere you go. 

So go ahead, Mark, shut it down, my business doesn’t rely on you.

The other reason why emails are everything is because emails are sooooooo not social.

No one jumps on their emails when they’re in a social situation.

They don’t jump on emails to mindlessly scroll in an attempt to be entertained because the date they’re on is super awkward and no one wants to talk about the reason why you can’t eat gluten. 

People pick a time to sit down with a cup of coffee, open their inbox, and pay attention.

And when your audience is already poised to pay attention, it makes your job of connecting with them, and selling to them, insanely easy.

It’s within the private walls of your audience’s inbox that you’re able to build rapport, grow your business, and make sales.

So, emails.

They’re amazing for business owners.

I give you permission to throw every single online marketing method out the window, screw the stock standard and show up doing business your way with an email welcome series working automagically for you.

Do your emails right and they’ll pay off.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to do for you. 

No teaching. No guessing. No trying to figure it out yourself.

Hand over your welcome series to us and we’ll write one that sells for you. Guaranteed. 

If your sales process is to get people onto a discovery call first because you like to work with only the best. Or if you’ve got an amazing course that you know is going to change lives and you can’t wait to get it out into the world, then you need us to write your entire email welcome series.

We’ve got availability two write FIVE email welcome series that build connection + sell at the same time, starting next week. 

We’ll write the entire email sales series, including the Facebook ad, landing page, thank you page upsell + all 5 sales emails that’ll bring you an endless supply of clients and cash coming into Christmas WITHOUT having to hustle all the way to January.

That means you can take your social media break and enjoy your holiday knowing you'll keep getting client enquiries all the way into the new year. And beyond.

Enquire now and let’s chat about how we can get your business making money on autopilot. 

In Emails + Endless Cash,