So, How Long Should My Emails Be? Your Blogging + Email Questions, Answered

// How long should my blogs/email be?

As long as it takes to get the message across. Throw out the rule book of 600 words or 800 words, or X amount of words.

The length needs to be as long as it needs to take to get the point across and not a word more.

// What is too short?

It’s too short if your reader doesn’t fully grasp your message. You might need to add in a specific example or story to help complete their understanding. This is crazy important when you’re writing about high level lofty concepts.

// What should I write about?

Answer this question:

What do I most most most want my peeps to know and be sure of beyond a shadow of a doubt? What do I want her to hear from me above all else?

That’s what you write about, every time.

So ask that questions every time you're about to write.

// What if no one likes it?

That’s not your job, or your business if anyone likes what you write.

// What if people unsubscribe?

Then you’re doing your job. When someone unsubscribes it means there’s one less person you’re writing to who will never ever buy from you. Aka, you’re becoming more efficient and effective at writing to, and speaking to, and selling to only the best damn clients for you.

// How much should I share? Can you overshare?

If you’re running a diary style blog called Elizabeth’s TMI, then no.

But the rest of us that want to run businesses based on a professional skill, there is.

What I’ve found is this:

Telling people about something that’s currently going on after you’ve experienced it, processed it, dealt with it, and found the lesson, moral and learning presents you as the leader and expert that you are, so go forth and share.

If you’re still experiencing it, still going through it, and don’t know how it will serve people and how they can learn from it. It’s not ripe yet.

// How do I keep my writing fresh & compelling?

Use the theasarus.

Write out the 10 most common words and phrases that you + your industry use, and replace them using the theasarus.

As a thought leader of your field, you will be copied eventually.

People who see your amazing new words to describe the same thing differently and will want in.

That’s totally cool.

When you start seeing that, head back to the theasarus and play around with other words.

// How to write CTA's that don't feel salesy or pushy?

A CTA is a Call To Action, which is industry speak for: what do you want someone to do after reading your words.

This can be a sale, or it can be an invitation to join your mailing list.

Whatever it is, what you need to look at closely isn’t the Call To Action in isolation, it’s everything you’ve written before your call to action.

If you’ve share some insights, told a story and connected through emotion, and taken your best peeps on a journey, then the ending to the story is working with you.

Additional insight beyond what you’ve spoken about is your call to action.

It’s a natural flow on from your piece of writing.

It feels disjointed if you haven’t connected it what you’ve written before.

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