Dude, Where's My Clients?!

In my early business days the one question I’d ask on repeat was:  Dude?! Where’s my clients? 

Being the proactive business owner, I wanted to troubleshoot my lack of clients so I started analysing everything in my business.

First up, my website! It’s ugly. Better spend the next few hours giving it a face lift.

Then, it's my copy! It’s obviously not good enough. Better spend some time writing new words.

Followed by, my Instagram! Clearly my IG game ain't strong, I must enrol in this Instagram For Business Owners course and learn. 

And finally, my funnels! They’re are all out of whack! I need to spend time branding them.

It’s been a busy week troubleshooting my lack of clients situation. 

Thursday rolls around and my website's looking rad, my words are wonderful, my Instagram game's lifted and my funnels are all branded.

But still no clients.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. 

I’m wearing activewear and I haven’t worked out today. My hair hasn’t been washed in 3 days. There's zero make up on this face.

Clearly it’s me.

So I spend a couple of hours primping myself. 

Full face of make up. Hair perfectly wavy. 

I sit back down at my laptop looking worthy of being paid. 

It’s Thursday afternoon and I haven’t made a sale all week.

I’m starting to stress out. 

Where am I going wrong? 

There’s one thing I could have done on Monday morning that would have changed the entire trajectory of my week.

Simple ask. 

Ask for the sale. 

As a business owner who must wear all the hats it’s so easy to get distracted with all things you could be doing.

And then trying to do them all.

But there’s only one thing you actually need to do to get your next client.

Aask for the sale.