Don't Ask. Don't Get.

So, how do you make the sale?

You found the perfect outfit for your second cousin’s birthday lunch in the park. Sure, you went in to buy jeans, but the salesperson was great and helped you find a top and cardigan as well.

You’re ready to hand over the cash. But the salesperson has disappeared. You walk out empty handed.

All they had to do was ask for the sale.

People screw this up all the time. Potential client is ready to buy. But they don’t know how. And all you have to do is ask for the sale and move on to step 3. Profit.

This happens for a couple of reasons. If your relationship with the client was built on open questions, seeking feedback, and validation, then asking for the sale is as natural as dancing when a Taylor Swift song comes on. Even if you’re in the pasta aisle of the supermarket.

If it feels awkward to ask, you need to make sure you’re giving the client what they want and not what you want.

Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable because the conversation has been a bit clumsy. Don’t let that stop you! If you don’t ask, there’s a 100% chance you’re not making the sale. Just ask. The client might have loved the slight awkwardness because it’s real. You never know.

Forget the ‘what ifs’ and have the balls to say, “Do you want to book that in?”

They might say no. That’s ok. You won’t be right for everyone. And really, if you’re not annoying some people you’re not being yourself fully. Move on to the next relationship you can build.

What about the actual asking?  It’s important to be direct, clear and specific.

You’ve focused on the client’s needs up until now. You’ve let them talk. You’ve listened.

This is the bit where you take control.

Asking can be as simple as, “The total order comes to $97. How would you like to pay for this today?”.  


It could be “What I need from you is $200 deposit today to lock in your spot, and the remainder to be paid when we begin."  What you’re really saying is that for me to give you what you want and need, this is what I need from you.

It doesn’t have to be a financial transaction. As long as your relationship is solid.

“I’m going to send over the proposal at 4pm today.  I’ll give you a call at 9:30 am tomorrow to discuss”

Find a way that works for you and practice it in front of the mirror. Close the sale with your dog and his dinner each night. You know how much he wants it, so you get positive reinforcement for yourself there.

The more comfortable you are with asking, the more comfortable they are at saying yes.

You know that it’s going to be a major loss for your potential client if they don’t say yes. Because you know exactly what they really want.

Because you asked.

It’s the sales process. It’s not rocket science.  Two crazy simple steps to selling.

Build the relationship and ask for the sale.

You’ve got the perfect outfit in hand and you’re standing at the register with your salesperson. You’ve got one choice left to make when they ask “cash or card?” 

And that’s what we do with every single sales page we write. Take the payment.

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