How To Make Instant Sales

Welcome to the 12 Copy Hacks of Making Cash. 

Each and every day for next 12 days I'm going to be dropping by with  a Copy Hack that's going to save your hack job of a sales page and get you the sale, finally start getting people replying to your emails wanting to work with you, and increasing engagement on your social media posts.  


Those are the kind of results curing your copy hack job does.

So, let's make it rain cash money. 

One the sixth day of Copy Hacks your rad AF copywriter (that's me) gave to you: 

Instant sales. 

Ever dropped a new offering and had people saying OMG it looks ammaazzzinnngggg and then nothing? 

They don't buy then and there.

They say they'll wait.

And think about it.

And then, nothing.

They don't buy.

But why?!

Because you haven't given a condition around why they should buy right now.

Humans are procrastinators by nature.

So let's get the instant buy now happening by adding in one of these three conditions around your offer.


Create a club. Stick to it. 

Created a marketing course for spiritual entrepreneurs? Add that into your copy.

Want to coach recently promoted executives with an annual salary of $80K+? Add that into your copy. 


Your resources are finite. Make sure people know that.

Only have the ability to take on 5 private clients a month? Add that into your copy.

Want your Mastermind to be intimate with only 10 people? Add that into your copy. 


Close that cart. Then open again. 

Add the deadline to your copy.

Having an offering available forever lets people procrastinate on that forever.

How do you close your cart for 1:1 clients? 

Maybe one week a month you open up your schedule to speak to prospects, once those spots are gone, they're going to have to wait until next month.

To getting the instant yes,