Write A Sales Page That Actually Makes Sales

Welcome to the 12 Copy Hacks of Making Cash. 

Each and every day for next 12 days I'm going to be dropping by with  a Copy Hack that's going to save your hack job of a sales page and get you the sale, finally start getting people replying to your emails wanting to work with you, and increasing engagement on your social media posts.  


Those are the kind of results curing your copy hack job does.

So, let's make it rain cash money. 

One the third day of Copy Hacks your rad AF copywriter (that's me) gave to you: 

A sales page that actually makes sales. 

Sure, there are a shittonne of moving parts to a sales page, but every single word + phrase + sentence + paragraph needs to be put through this filter: 

How do I make my prospect feel like they're missing out if they don't buy? 

What story do you have to tell?
What emotions do you have call upon?
What outcomes do you have to promise?

When someone feels like they're going to miss out on what you're selling, they sure as hell will start buying.

To a sales page that sells,