How To Get An 'OMG She Created This Offer Just For Me! Take My Money!' Reaction

Welcome to the 12 Copy Hacks of Making Cash. 

Each and every day for next 12 days I'm going to be dropping by with  a Copy Hack that's going to save your hack job of a sales page and get you the sale, finally start getting people replying to your emails wanting to work with you, and increasing engagement on your social media posts.  


Those are the kind of results curing your copy hack job does.

So, let's make it rain cash money. 

One the second day of Copy Hacks your rad AF copywriter (that's me) gave to you: 

How to sound like your buyers so when they read your sales page they say: OMGGGGG she created this offering just for me. Take my money!!!!

Step 1: 

Your wannabe-client (that is you want them to be your client) expresses a problem, frustration, desire, or question.

E.g. I can't believe I put on 5 kgs just before summer. 

Step 2: 

You listen closely to the exact words your wannabe-client says and then write those exact words back to them.

E.g. So you put on 5 kgs right before summer.... 

Step 3 :

Your wannabe-client reads your words and thinks Holy shitballs! You're reading my mind. That's so me. How'd you know? Take my money!

Why? When people see their own words, thoughts, and feelings it builds connection, trust, excitement and understanding.

To turning wannabe-clients into real clients,