How To Name A Program, Service, Product Or The Title Of Your Next Screenplay!

Welcome to the 12 Copy Hacks of Making Cash. 

Each and every day for next 12 days I'm going to be dropping by with  a Copy Hack that's going to save your hack job of a sales page and get you the sale, finally start getting people replying to your emails wanting to work with you, and increasing engagement on your social media posts.  


Those are the kind of results curing your copy hack job does.

So, let's make it rain cash money. 

One the 11th day of Copy Hacks your rad AF copywriter (that's me) gave to you: 

How to name a program, service, product or the title of your next screenplay!

Hat tip to Ash Ambirge who I learnt this from. 

Take a blank piece of paper. 

Turn it horizontal.

Draw 4 lines down it.

You've got 5 columns now.

In column one, write down what you do in as many ways as possible.

In column two, write down the benefits of what you do.

In column three, write down any metaphors you can use

In column four, write down the heart of your business

In the final column, mix and match words from your entire list. 

To naming things forever,