How To Write About Your Products + Services So People Always Want To Buy Them.

Welcome to the 12 Copy Hacks of Making Cash. 

Each and every day for next 12 days I'm going to be dropping by with  a Copy Hack that's going to save your hack job of a sales page and get you the sale, finally start getting people replying to your emails wanting to work with you, and increasing engagement on your social media posts.  


Those are the kind of results curing your copy hack job does.

So, let's make it rain cash money. 

One the 10th day of Copy Hacks your rad AF copywriter (that's me) gave to you: 

How to write about your products + services so people always want to buy them.

Because hot tip: people only buy what they want.

“I don’t care about losing weight, I’m soooo happy being a size 16. I just want to go to the gym, work my ass off, get insanely sweaty, nearly vom, feel like shit, and never see any results. Ever.”

I’m pretty sure no one has said that in the history of working out, ever. 

People don’t buy processes. And your business isn’t immune to this worldwide phenomenon either. 

People buy what the process gives them.

They don’t buy 2 hours of coaching with you.

That’s not the selling point.

They buy the end result of speaking to you for 2 hours a month.

So, stop selling the process and start selling the outcome. 

Forget your process.

It doesn’t matter anymore. 

What matters is what the process gives.

Not coaching, not the sessions, not the nuts and bolts of the service.

What are you actually offering them? 
What’s the universal offering? 
What’s the point?

Know the answer to these questions.

Use them in your copy. 

To selling people things they actually want!