3 Steps To Getting Clients From Every Single Email You Write

Step 1: The Soft Pitch

Without this, you’re leaving money on the table. It's called The Soft Pitch and it's job is to make sales from every email.

When I first launched my copywriting services, I didn’t write a sales page. Instead, I wrote an email with a soft pitch at the end offering my new services. I got 5 enquires that converted into $5,000 of sales. From ONE EMAIL.

The next email I wrote, I scored another $3,000. $8,000 from 2 emails. Yep.

This happens to all my clients.

When I was working with Katherine, we rewrote her sales email which made her the first sale within 30 minutes of sending. She then went on to make 5 more sales off the back of that one email.

Soft pitching in every email sells.

Step Two: Writing An Email That Gives Value Even When They Don’t Buy

In order to get someone to buy something from you in an email, we need to get them to feel an emotional response.

How do we do that?

Through storytelling.

I want you to remember this cool ass saying:

Facts tell. Stories sell.

So, to make a sale from every email, here's the equation:

Write a story + write a soft pitch = email that sells.

Step 3: How To Write Subject Lines That Get Opened

There's no point in writing the best email if no one's going to open it. You must write a subject line that gets your email opened so you can get the sale.

Everything we see and hear gets filtered through an initial impression - and that’s the same thing for subject lines.

So, how can you make a fantastic first impression?

We use surprises.

It's all about holding someone's attention long enough so they open the email and keep reading.

Once you start hooking people instead of summarising your emails you’ll be writing emails that crack industry standards open rates in no time.