Ballsy Business Advice

The Story Of A Health + Wellness Coach Who Sells Her Life Purpose For Business Riches + Ends Up Poor + Hating Her Life

Once upon a time there was a sweet, smart and very pretty lady who was obsessed with all things nutrition, health and wellness. She would experiment at home with all the fancy superfoods money could buy and boy were her concoctions delicious. Even her main squeeze ate all the foods, and he’s a pizza and beer kinda guy.

Niching Versus Knowing Or As I Like To Call It 'The Great Niche Conundrum of The 21 Century'

'So my business coach told me I needed to pick a niche, so now I’m only working with woman who are ex-acapella singers who’ve graduated from Bardem University... but it’s not working. I’m not getting clients and ya know what? I hate working with ex acapella singers, they turn everything I say into a song. It’s sooo annoying.'

The Niche.