Grammar Don't Matter. Here's What Does.

I sent out an email to my inner crew, ya know, the peeps that dare to give me their email address so I have direct private beach front access to their inbox.


What I wrote about doesn’t really matter, but I did get a reply from someone who I assume unsubscribed when I ignored her email.


Here’s what I got:


I'd love to be hired on as your proofreader.  

Have a blessed day.


Firstly, Ms. BossLady, you might need to take a lesson on cold selling because that’s not what they mean by cold, but the point is:


Grammar just don’t matter.


If you look hard enough through every piece of content I’ve ever written, there’s sure to be a misplaced comma (or 10),  a dropped off ‘t’ on the end of at, or a missing word.


But the reason you’ll have to look really hard to find it, is because there’s one thing I do that matters more than grammar. 


I check for readability.


And then, I fuck all the rules in order to make what I’ve written readable.


If your reader has to stop reading because what you’ve written is grammatically correct but requires deciphering, because you decided to keep it legit for the grammar police, then good luck getting them to continue reading all the way to your call to action.


The point of your posts, your emails, your website and your Facebook status updates as a business owner is not to impress the grammar police, it’s to sell your service.


And if your reader is getting confused along the way, stopping to re-read lines to make sense of them, then you’re doing it wrong.


Your mission, the thing that matters the most, is for your reader to keep reading.


All the way to the end.


And click your damn buy now button.


That is the only thing that matters.


And what will get people all the way to the end?


Doing whatever you can to make it an easy read.


So, is it time you fucked off the grammar police and focussed on readability? 


Because if a reader can easily, effortlessly read all the way to your pitch, you’ve actually got chance of selling to them.