Business Model You

Tell me the only way to do business. I’ll show you the exact opposite. Done successfully. 

For every business owner who tells you being strategic is the best business model and I’ll find 10 others who’ll swear by the intuitive business model.

For every business owner who swears by planning and batching you’ll find 10 who promote winging it, downloading divine messages as they come. 

For every 3 part video series is a webinar only launch formula.

And for every launch there’s an evergreen.

At first it can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of information.

Paralysed by who to listen to. What action to take.

But that’s now how I see it.

I see it as liberating.

Look at it this way. 

The path to success has no signposts. 

You can do it one way. All the ways. Your way.

If you tried being intuitive and it was so stressful being reactive everyday, switch to batching. 

If the idea of writing a month’s worth of content makes your heart stop for a second, then don’t do it. Just write daily and see what happens. 

It’s not the model that matters.

It’s the communication that matters. 

Success comes to those who are able to make people feel the feels when they read.

Excited. Inspired. Entertained. 


They think about the human who is reading the words they write. That’s right. It’s not just a list of numbers on a newsletter. They’re real, human people. And they’re probably in bed reading your email first thing in the morning.

Waiting for something. Connection. Anything real from one human to the next. 

They all want to feel seen. To feel heard. To feel understood.

To feel that what they want is real, and valid. And possible for them.

If you can make your people feel any or all of those things, you can take your pick of business models and you’ll be insanely successful.

That’s why we’re launching our brand new Business Model You Package.

You’ll get all your sales emails, sales page, and marketing materials written for you that’ll work for your business model.

We’ve got limited spots available for business owners looking to make their preferred business model work for them. Evergreen or launch. Our sales copy will sell for you.

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Can't wait to speak to you about being insanely successful, your way.