Burnt Out By 30

The middle of 2013.

A massive breakup.

A business I burnt to the ground.

My life screeched to a halt.

The clients dried up.

The money dried up.

The happiness dried up.

I didn't want to show up anymore.

I was over how demanding my business was.

I was exhausted, heartbroken, and burnt out.

So I bailed.

I found the equivalent of sinking into the couch and ignoring life by going to live with my parents on their yacht for 2 months.

Nothing but parental love to nurse me back to life.

No traction. No direction. No plan.

I stopped hustling.

I started travelling.

I got happy.

With my inner game mastered, it was time to reevaluate my business.

I was over the whole heart-fuelled business bullshit of finding your big why and life purpose and attempting to make coin off that. I tried. It got me burnt out by 30.

I didn't want my business to be my life, so I opted for something that no one ever talks about.

I went for selling a skill set as my one and only focus.

Marketing consultant.

I studied it. I was good at it. I was confident.

People got results working with me.

So I picked my industry: Small business owners.

I picked my style: Marketing the human behind the business.

It was decided.

I showed up every damn day writing content about marketing, how important marketing was, and why people needed marketing.

Every day for 2 weeks I wrote new content.

I showed up.

I emailed my list.

I shared it on my socials.

The results?

Day 1: New number. Who dis?

Day 2: Unsubscribes.

Day 3: Crickets. 

And on it went until day 14.

Day 14: I got one client.

After 4 months of radio silence, it took 14 days to get a client.

I kept showing up and I got another one soon after.

And the traction began.

I was back in business.

Full time.

The more content I wrote, the more money I made.

I decided I wanted to become a copywriter, so I did.

I started writing content about copy, how important copy was, and why people needed copy.

The first email I sent out I got a copywriting client.

I wrote new content.

I showed up.

I emailed my list.

I shared it on my socials.

The results? 

Booked out in a month.

The agency was born.

I’m not a magical unicorn who gets her strength from drinking the salty tears of virgins.

I’m not an anomaly.

I’m the norm.

Even if you haven't emailed your list in months, you can make money off every word you write.

Even if you've been inconsistent with your communication, you can make money off every word you write.

Even if you've got nothing to say, you can make money off every word you write.

Bottom line.

You should be making money off every word you write. Otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table.

The reason your content isn’t making you cash is because you haven’t created consistent aligned content with your sales + business goals.

Your content is your cash.

But one email isn’t going to cut it.

Your consistency is the cash machine that spits out big bucks on demand.

That’s why I’m introducing:

Content Cash Machine.

Get a year’s worth of content for your business in 60 days. 

  • We’ll create your content strategy. 

  • We’ll write 52 blog posts with SEO and images

  • We’ll create social media posts to promote each article

  • You’ll have access to our marketing assistant for a whole year to implement + schedule all the content 

We’ll reverse engineer your sales + create a content strategy that sells. All you have to do is clear your calendar for the buying frenzy.

Hand over your entire business marketing + content to us without the financial cost of hiring a full content marketing team and onboarding them.

We’ve got limited spots to work with brands + businesses ready to have their content designed, created, and scheduled for them, turning content into cash.

Enquire now and we’ll organise a phone call.

To a business that gives you life.

Elizabeth x