Being In Business Is Playing God

Being in business is playing God. 

As a screenwriter, I pretty much make life up all day all day. I create the world. I create the people. I make them do things. I make them say things.

I get to play God.

Whatever I write becomes the reality of the show.

But playing God isn't just for screenwriters. It's what running a business is all about.

Create something. Sell something.

Running a business is all about playing God for your life.

Your whole entire business is in your control.

You create your business. You get to choose what to say and what to sell.

Whatever you want.

It's yours for the taking.

Have you been taking that job seriously lately?

Have you ben executing your right to do whatever you want to make a sale?

Have you been stuck in a business rut not realising the incredible power you have to click your fingers and change everything to your liking?


Shut up + go make it happen.