How We Created A Headline That Hooks People In

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the successful lives of the business world’s elite… and I have the biggest news ever.

A behind the scenes peak into how Elizabeth from The Copy Word creates copy that sells.

Today we’re talking about the opener. The impression setter. The headline. 

The home page.

Spotted last year was Elizabeth working with Melbourne’s most amazing lighting consultants.

And one of my many sources CopywritingSecretsRevealed91 has found some old notes from Elizabeth herself, talking through the creation of the headline + home page copy.

Thanks CopywritingSecretsRevealed91.

The Headline Before:


Professional Lighting Consultants. Architectural Lighting Consultants.
Advice, solutions and planning for beautiful and functional lighting at home. 


The Headline After: 

Anything You See Is Possible. 

As family + forever home architectural lighting consultants, we see homes where lighting has been an afterthought everyday. With the flick of a switch, the right lighting will change everything. 

The Notes: 

The headline serves one function: to get someone to read the next line. 

It sums up the theme and the message of the brand.

It disrupts the auto-pilot most people are on when they land on your site with their eyes glazed over from reading the same-same stuff. 

The headlines job is to grab your audiences attention. 

To do that, you need to say something in a different way. 

“Anything You See Is Possible” works because it's slightly unexpected. This will grab your readers attention which means they're reception to the next line.  

I would use this phrase as your headline instead of your job title. 

People don't buy job descriptions, they buy the WHY. 

Your audience will buy the reason THEY need lighting. Because living in their home right now - with all the wrong lights - is depressing. Until now…

People buy based on emotion then use their logic to justify WHY they want to say yes. Not the other way around. 

Presenting the emotional piece first gets people to feel. 

When they feel, they buy. 

A lot of businesses get this part wrong. They go straight to the logical elements of why someone should hire them. 

This doesn't work because the audience isn't emotionally invested.

Now you don't need to waste precious word real estate on your job description and instead focus on making people feel. 

We want them to feel hope. 

That anything is possible. 

That's worth sticking around and reading your website for. And booking a call with you. 

would not be doing my job if I didn't get people to FEEL. 

It's okay they have to scroll to get to the logical elements. They will scroll because they're invested. We have their attention now and they will scroll. The only reason someone wouldn't scroll is if you haven't captured their undividing attention.

Up until this point we've captured their attention, made them feel, and therefore have prepared them to buy. Now we can logically justify why you.

The results: 

The number of “your website resonated with me” and “I read your website and I just knew you were the perfect designer for me” comments were off the charts.

Prospects starting making real enquiries, calling up already 80% convinced – or even 100% sold and just wanting to talk to us before they booked. Plus, we had our first direct online booking just last week.

And who I am? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.

You know you love me.


Gossip Girl