Are You Running A Barbie Dream Business?

Remember when you were a kid and you got your first Barbie? You cut her hair. Just a little bit. Used some pillows and lego to make her very own Dream Home because you didn’t get one for Christmas. Accidentally popped her head off and the only way to keep her head on meant she had no neck. Which made it hard for making out with Ken.

You were just playing.

There was no end game. No master plan.

Not much has changed. You’re running your business much the same way.

Posting that quote on Facebook. Listening to that webinar about funnels. Fixing the header on your home page. Moving one item on your old to do list to your next one.

For what?

A sale? That next client? Hitting your monthly income goals?

It’s all play. And no profit.

You’re playing business instead of actually stepping up and running one.

Because what’s seriously missing from your daily activity is selling.

If you’ve got capacity to take on more clients, you should be selling.

If you’ve got a roster full of clients, you should be selling.

No business is too successful to stop selling.

At the top of your to do list every day without fail, before you step into your client work, is to sell. But before you freak out wondering how you’re going to get it all done, there’s one sales method we can automate.

Your email welcome series + funnel.

That means we create an automated funnel that will sell to your community while you sleep. All by writing emails that inspire people to pay you.

When we write your Email Welcome + Nurture Series, here’s what’s going to happen:

// We’ll map you the exact topics we’ll write in your emails.

// We’ll go off and write them.

// We’ll use our proven soft pitch system to finish off your emails so they’ll automatically sell out your services and offerings each week, meaning you have a consistent flow of 1:1 clients to work with, like, forever.

// We’ll tell you when to schedule them to go out.

// We’ll give you all of it on a golden platter so all you have to do is take my emails, follow the simple instructions, plug and play, and you've got yourself an email welcome series that actually books out your discovery calls and sells your products for you.

Hand over your welcome series to us and we’ll write one that sells for you. Guaranteed.

We’ll write the entire email sales series, including the Facebook ad, landing page, thank you page upsell + all 5 sales emails that’ll bring you an endless supply of clients and cash.

Enquire now.