ActiveCampaign v. ConvertKit?! Leadpages v. ClickFunnels. You’re Asking The Wrong Question!

If I had a cent for every time someone asked me about Mailchimp or ConvertKit or Leadpages or ClickFunnels.... let's just say I'd have a shitload of cents.

Granted, there's so many options to hack every single area of your business. These questions will cross your mind. But when you focus on software, you're asking the wrong freaking questions!

The one question you should be asking is: 

What about the words?

You’ve got Mailchimp right now and your emails aren’t getting opened or actioned. That’s not Mailchimp's fault.

You’re using ConvertKit and your list isn't writing back or buying from you. That ain’t ConvertKit’s fault either.

If your open rates are down, it’s not ActiveCampaign’s fault.

You use Leadpages and your conversation rate is sitting at a sad 20%? That’s not Leadpages fault.

Using ClickFunnels and your conversation rate is struggling with 17.5%? Still not ClickFunnels fault.

These issues you’re experiencing all have something in common:

Your words.  

Which means your solution isn’t the software.

Your solution is the copy.

How you show up on the page and what you write will make or break you.

Stop distracting yourself wasting hours + energy + time trying to figure out that weird little trick or strategy to get that sale or client.

There is no trick.

It’s just straight up clear, compelling communication.

It’s not magic, but it can feel like it when you hand over all the copy to us.

Like snapping your fingers, we’ll go off and write your Facebook ad copy, landing pages, thank you pages, welcome emails + follow up emails that have a proven track record of getting clicks, replies + making sales.

We’ve got limited spots to work with business owners who’re sick of their conversion rates. We’ll write all the copy so your systems, software + funnels get you results.

Enquire now and let’s chat.