9 Ways To Hit Your Income Goals Any Time Of The Month

December’s not over yet.

You want to book one more client? You can.

You want to lock in 3 sales calls? You can.

You want to finally get your Facebook ads up and running? You can.

Don’t dismiss December just because we’ve got two public holidays thrown in there.

People are always buying. So don’t stop selling.

You’ve spent all year building a community. And maybe you haven’t made as many sales as you wanted.

Now’s not the time to wallow in a mince pie.

Now’s the time for your 11th hour miracle.

Your whatever it takes attitude.

To make it happen.

In 9 days.

You got this.

And I got you.

Here’s 9 things you can do to hit your December goal.

1. That signature offer you’ve got that costs all the money? Create a super stripped back version. A $500 version. It’s called a line extension. It doesn’t damage your brand but it’ll get more sales in the door. Tag Heuer has $500 watches and $50,000 watches.

2. Go back over every single enquiry who reached out to you over the last three months. Email them and say this: Gone girl/guy. You disappeared. Are you still interested? Hit reply and let me know.

3. Then offer every one of your enquiries who couldn’t afford your high end signature service the brand new $500 offer.

4. You know those people you religiously watch on Instagram stories? You watch those stories and it's like you're hanging out with your best friend. What do they need help with? Create a pitch around helping them and send it. It’s scary. But it’s worth it.

5. Write an email to your list everyday with a call to action at the end to buy your thing, book your call, or whatever it is you need them to do to help you hit your December goal.

6. Go back over your best performing blog post or email this year. The one that got you sales calls booked. Send it out again with a new subject line.

7. Schedule an end of year free training for your community. Have an offer to pitch at the end. Show them your face. They'll fall in love.

8. Create an offer for your past clients that fills a need they have. E.g. if I write a website for a client, I’ll offer them the email welcome series. What else can you do for your clients? Email them with the new offer.

9. Ask your past clients for a referral. Or an introduction.

Yep. There’s a lot of asking. Because if you don’t ask, it’s always a no.

And when the 11th hour rocks around, social media doesn’t mean shit.

It’s the one on one personal connections that matter.


Selling is serving.

So get out there and sell like you mean it.