The 6 Stages Of Screwing Up The Sale

Most of ya'll know that I'm a Master of Speech Pathology. That's right. At the ripe old age of 28, I went back to university and studied Speech Pathology because I was absolutely certain that helping people communicate was my calling.


In order to go back and study a Masters program that was exactly like a full time job, I had to quit my actual full time job and move in with my grandma.


While there's nothing aspirational or sexy about being a 28 year old and living with your grandma while you go back to study, I'm so grateful I got to not only be her granddaughter, but her housemate, too.


When she passed away in August 2015, I spoke about this at the funeral. She was so cool, and the relationship I had her with was one of kind. I'll cherish it forever, and if you ever get the chance to live with your grandma for a while - I say do it!


Anyways, during these years I was head down, bum up in textbooks and lectures and tutorials.


I've seen a lot of 'university-mocking' in the online business world, where biz owners think going to university is a complete waste of time, and that they learnt nothing compared to <insert affiliate-link for an eCourse here>.


I beg to differ.


What I learnt in my Speech Pathology studies turned me into an expert in communications.


So even though I don't treat anyone as a Speech Pathologist anymore, I'm still living and breathing my calling of helping people communicate.


It's just dressed up a little differently.


For business owners, who're trying to make a living while living their purpose.


So, communication.


It's the one thing us humans need in order to NOT exist in a vacuum.


Even if you've had stroke, and you can't speak or you can't write - you still need to communicate.


Your life depends on it.


And so does your business.


Your business depends on your ability to communicate your message in a way that makes sales.


So let me tell you about the communication process.


Especially for you caring entrepreneurs who actually have an important message to say.




You've got a feeling deep inside. It's your fire. Your passion. It's why you get up every morning. It's everything to you.


You send this feeling to your brain and attempt to make sense of it all.


You start to put your intended message together. You start to transform that abstract idea into a communicable message. You encode it with words.


It's time to share your encoded message to your audience. You blast out your message via your platforms: your website, your emails, your Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.


And you wait for your audience to read your message, and respond with a purchase.


But, before you audience can respond with a purchase, first they have to decode your message.


Your audience has to interpret the message exactly the way you intended, understanding the source of your message and where it came from.


Then, they have to run it by their own heart.


Does it make them feel like they're missing out on something if they don't buy?


That's the communication process every single time you write or speak a message.


With SIX stages in the communication process, there are:


SIX opportunities for your message to fail. 



SIX chances for miscommunication to occur.


SIX times to botch the sales process.