Speaking Your Truth Isn't Enough Anymore

The internet continues to loose its shit about 'speaking your truth.' 


Everyday there’s someone coming out with their signature business strategy summed up as:


Get aligned and speak your truth. 


Oh, your list isn’t responding? Time to start speaking your truth.


Oh, you’re not getting any sales? Time to start speaking your truth. 


Oh, your business isn’t working? Time to start speaking your truth.


It’s not enough to speak your truth anymore.


You need to learn how to wrap that truth up, with personality-filled pretty paper, and a big bow of your opinion, in order to slice through the noise of every other truth out there, and into the minds of your audience.


What I’m seeing with a lot of ‘truths’ is — and this is a technical term— they're piss weak + have nothing new or different to offer. 


You’re not shaking up the status quo. (No, adding in a bunch of swear words doesn’t shake up anyone except maybe your grandma.)


You’re not saying anything with conviction.


The statements you're making are fluff. 


You’re not willing to draw a line in the sand and say:


This is what I really fucking think. Period.  


You’re not really saying anything worth noticing. And that’s why people aren’t noticing you.  


It’s not because you’ve somehow skewered your truth and all of a sudden you need to dig deep and find the 'real' truth underneath the 'fake' truth which will become your secret weapon where you'll be able to blow up #truthbombs in people’s faces so finally they pay you. 


You truth will not save your business.


The delivery of said truth will.


Now I’m not saying you’ve got to say things that don’t mean anything to you. Or you’ve got to mimic someone else’s vibe.


I’m not saying to stop using the voice you were given. 


That's just as bad as speaking your truth.


You're just adding to the noise.


What you say has to be true for you. Hence, your truth. 


I like to call it:


Having an opinion.


Your opinion is more than your truth.


It’s the Beyonce of your business. 


Fierce. Fresh. Unapologetic. Dividing. Decisive. 


Don’t care. 


It will stand strong and tall when someone else comes along and has another opinion. And that will happen. But that’s the point. 


Your truth won’t save your business. 


But the delivery, how you deliver that opinion, is your make or break.


And as much as you’ve got higher truths to share, unless you can swallow that truth – your business will only remain a side gig.