Business Owner sits at her office writing her regular, uninspired weekly newsletter. She hits sends and ticks another item off her to-do list.

Business Owner's Audience receives a ping. They opens their inbox to see another boring email. Delete. 

Most businesses are putting their audience to sleep instead of sending them into a buying frenzy. 

Your people are craving irresistible content that entertains the pants off them.

The more they laugh. The more they buy. 

Let's do this. 



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The A-Z Of A Broke + Boring Business

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Non-Sucky Facebook Ad Copy

Learn how to write Non-Sucky Facebook Ad Copy that gets clicked, converts + costs you less with our FREE downloadable PDF guide PLUS get on the mailing list that rocks your box.

"Every email is a masterclass in copywriting." Sylvia's in the know.

Also, they're fucking funny. "I crack up laughing reading every one of your emails." Clare's laughing her way to the bank. 



Launch Like A Movie Premier

When isn't it launch season? If your launch process looks a little more like Netflix in a snuggie hiding from the stress of it all than the glamour of a red carpet premier, I got you. 

Launch Like A Movie Premier FREE downloadable guide will help your sell more all from your words. Like magic. Harry Potter magic.

You'll get access to: 

  • The 5 launch messages that will send your sales sky-high
  • The breakdown of how to write each message
  • 5 fill in the blank email templates

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