We’re basically like your new zone of genius. With personality. Because brand personality is your triple threat to standing out in a sea of sameness.


You’re not run of the mill. Neither are we.

We’re an international boutique agency that hand crafts one of a kind copy 100% customised to your business + brand.

We’re not just about writing pretty fluffy words. We’re about writing words that sell, strategically. 


Our Heritage 

A writer was born. A million Moleskine journals filled with chicken scratch. Approximately.  Stories + snippets + songs, written for decades.  Marketing chops seasoned with an honours degree. Master of Speech Pathology.

Because communication is our jam. 


Our Mission

Find your voice. Speak your truth. 
Write your dreams alive. Communication will get you there. From saying three little words that change your relationship forever, to shooting over the proposal for your next big client.

Being a great communicator is life changing. 


Our Founder + CEO

Elizabeth McKenzie

Favourite One Direction Member: Harry Styles. Der.

Best Business Advice: Do you.

Secret Talent: Rapping all the lyrics to Will Smith.

Allergy Status: Severe to save your sales. Allergic to boring, buzzwords, wanky words, overly clever copy that confuses you, airy-fairy concepts that no one cares about, and anything stock standard.


I've got one and I ain’t afraid to use it.

Personality. Let's give yours a bottle of champagne and never shut them up again. 

Your quirks, your opinions, your thoughts, your stories.

Your words are what make you worth paying.


Elizabeth McKenzie is a comedy screenwriter, copywriter + author. She's currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Her second favourite F word is fun.

The CEO + Founder of her boutique copywriting agency The Copy Word, she helps brands + business owners write personality driven copy + content that’ll turn every word they write into a Beyonce single drop… ya know? A multi-platinum smash hit with sales for months.

With a sense of self-importance known only to her generation, she's gone ahead and written a book The 30-Somethings: Life lessons from a 30-Something that you probably already know.

When she’s not writing, she’s pretending she's cool across hipster cafes in Melbourne - the LA of Australia - getting caffeinated and eating carbs.