How Many Browser Tabs Do You Have Open Right Now?

110? Thought so.

Of course it’s super important to know how many toes a 2 toed sloth has (it’s not 2!), and flights to Iceland are on sale, and no matter how many times you close the cart, you always end up back there staring at that sexy blazer.

Your clients do the exact same thing. 110 tabs open. And one of them is your website.

There’s two ways this can go down:

Your clients are way too interested in the sloth. You lose.

Your clients are so captivated by your website they stay. They buy. You win.

We’re about writing words that sell, strategically.

Delightfully disrupt their day.

Stand out in a sea of browser tabs with personality infused copy.




Elizabeth McKenzie

Favourite One Direction Member: Harry Styles. Der.

Best Business Advice: Do you.

Secret Talent: Rapping all the lyrics to Will Smith.

Allergy Status: Severe to save your sales. Allergic to boring, buzzwords, wanky words, overly clever copy that confuses you, airy-fairy concepts that no one cares about, and anything stock standard.


I've got an Honours Degree In Marketing + Communications so crafting copy that's marketable and sellable comes included with this pretty face.

I’m also a Master of Speech Pathology. As in if you have a stutter I could freaking treat you.


I've got one and I ain’t afraid to use it.

Personality. Let's give yours a bottle of champagne and never shut them up again. 

Your quirks, your opinions, your thoughts, your stories.

Your words are what make you worth paying.


When I'm not writing copy for you, you'll find me...still writing. Replace copy with comedy tv shows. 

As a screenwriter, I've penned three original comedy tv show pilots that've all been received by industry professionals as fucking hilarious.

The moment I heard those words my soul smiled. 


I played the violin at Hugh Jackman's wedding.


Elizabeth McKenzie is a comedy screenwriter, copywriter + author. She's currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Her second favourite F word is fun.

The CEO + Founder of boutique copywriting agency The Copy Word, she helps brands + business owners write personality driven copy + content that’ll turn every word they write into a box off smash hit on opening weekend… ya know? An epic amount of money. 

With a sense of self-importance known only to her generation, she's gone ahead and written a book The 30-Somethings: Life lessons from a 30-Something that you probably already know.

When she’s not writing, she’s pretending she's cool across hipster cafes in Melbourne - the LA of Australia - getting caffeinated and eating carbs.


Working with you.

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