How Many Browser Tabs Do You Have Open Right Now?

110? Thought so.

Of course it’s super important to know how many toes a 2 toed sloth has (it’s not 2!), and flights to Iceland are on sale, and no matter how many times you close the cart, you always end up back there staring at that sexy blazer.

Your clients do the exact same thing. 110 tabs open. And one of them is your website.

There’s two ways this can go down:

Your clients are way too interested in the sloth. You lose.

Your clients are so captivated by your website they stay. They buy. You win.

We’re about writing words that sell, strategically.

Delightfully disrupt their day.

Stand out in a sea of browser tabs with personality infused copy.




Elizabeth McKenzie

Number One Obsession: Harry Styles. Der.

Netflix Aside: Writing comedy tv scripts.

Life Motto: Do you.

Secret Talent: Rapping all the lyrics to Will Smith.

Personality: One Direction meets Iron Maiden. Christmas movies meets Homeland binge. Exercise meets fries. I meet people where they’re at. Nothing you bring to the table will scare me.

The right words can open the gates to everything you’ve ever wanted in business. And life. Three words. I love you. I want that. Please help me. Used correctly, those three statements can change your life.

The ability to express yourself is a basic human right. And the words you choose matter. I learnt that while getting my Master of Speech Pathology and it underpins everything I do with The Copy Word.

Communication is everything.

Making money is your business’ basic need. And strategic marketing is the only way that happens. I learnt that when I got a mini MBA in Marketing and an Honours Degree In Marketing + Communications.

Mix communication and strategic marketing and you get powerful copy that sells.

Woah. That got deep, real fast.

I also played the violin at Hugh Jackman's wedding. I’m practically Wolverine royalty.

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