Work Your Welcome: Write Your Email Series. Get An Endless Supply Of Cash.


Work Your Welcome: Write Your Email Series. Get An Endless Supply Of Cash.


Hello— is anyone reading?

Tired of feeling completely invisible when your email goes out? 

Think you’ve got a case of the crickets instead of actual people? 

Are you annoyed that after spending all your money building your list, nothing’s happening? No one’s opening your emails and you just know you’ve got the worst open rates in the history of emails. No one writes back to you, it’s a total one-way street. No one takes action and no one is buying from you.

Be honest now, you’ve totally bitched about how bad your email list sucks to your business bestie—that it’s probably filled with freebie-hungry monsters who signed up for your freebie, but didn’t even read it and now sit on your list making up a number but doing nothing else. 

Before you declare your business life to be over, let’s work out why this is happening.

Emails. Are. Everything.

And Your Emails Ain’t Don’t Anything For Your Audience.

Write Your Welcome Email Series + Get An Endless Supply Of Cash. 

Delivered as a PDF download.

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What happens if Mr. Z has a change of heart and shuts Facebook + Instagram down tomorrow?

Your contacts. Your crew. 

Poof. Gone.

Those contacts weren’t yours anyway.

But when someone subscribes your emails, you own those details.

So go ahead, Mark, shut it down, my business doesn’t rely on you.

Emails Are The Anti-Social.

No one jumps on their emails when they’re in a social situation.

They don’t jump on emails to mindlessly scroll through a newsfeed attempting to be entertained. 

They pick a time to sit down solo, with their undivided attention and a cup of coffee, and pay attention. 

And when your audience is already poised to pay attention, it makes your job of connecting with them, and selling to them, much much easier. 

It’s within the personalised and private walls of your audience’s inbox that you’re able to build rapport, grow your business, and make sales. 

So, emails.

They’re amazing for business owners. 

And I give you permission to throw every single online marketing method out the window, screw the stock standard and show up doing business your way using the Work Your Welcome email series—it’ll work for your business. 

Do your emails right and they’ll pay off. 

And that’s exactly what this guide is for.

To teach you how to write a welcome email series that sells for you.

If your sales process is to get people onto a discovery call first because you like to work with only the best.

Or if you’ve got a great little PDF guide just like this that you know is going to change everyone in your community and you can’t wait to get it out into the world, Work Your Welcome will get you there.


In this book, here’s what’s going to happen: 

// I’ll tell you the exact topics you need to write in your emails.

// I’ll show you how to write them.

// I’ll teach you how to finish off your emails so they’ll automatically book out your discovery sessions each week, meaning you have a consistent flow of 1:1 clients to work with, like, forever.

// I’ll tell you when to schedule them to go out.

// I'll give you the templates that make the big bucks.

// I'll give you all of it on a golden platter so all you have to do is take my template, plug and play, and you've got yourself an email welcome series that actually books out your discovery calls or sells your products for you.


In Emails + Endless Cash,