because you didn’t have my number.

But now you can…



Because when my hotline bling, it can only mean one thing:

You don’t have 99 problems but you’ve definitely got one.

And if I was a betting woman, I'd say it's miscommunication. 


Imagine shooting off an email to your mailing list and making $10,000. Minimum. 

That’s the power of your copy.


Imagine your work being quoted by your industry peers.

That's the power of your content.


Imagine being front + centre, being seen + heard anytime you open your mouth.

That's the power of your communication. 



Right now though, things are a little different.

Right now, 

No matter how many times you edit your email, instead of being flooded with replies, there's crickets.


Right now, 

You can't stand your website and your sales page sucks, it’s cringe-worthy and you haaaate it. 



Your message is a puddle of mud that one day you’re talking about self-love, the next social media marketing tips for health coaches.






How It's All Going Down:




90 minutes on Skype

Review of your current copy

Feedback, suggestions, tweaks live on the call so you learn how to write better copy

I'll cover copy techniques to consider for your own style of writing

Pick my brain about my own launches, product development, marketing plans + anything to do with running an online business


CLICK THE BUTTON, I DARE YOU. Here's what happens next:

You’ll be taken to a booking page.

Make your payment.

Fill out your questionnaire.

Book in your hotline bling session.

Locked + loaded.

Then, I’ll review your answers, make notes + bring all the coffee required for our session.

The session happens! You’ll have my undivided attention for 90 minutes, and the freedom to ask me anything you want. If you want to talk about something we didn’t cover in the questionnaire, that is totally fine too!

You’ll receive the audio recording of our session via email a couple of days later.

Take what we’ve talked about and apply it to your business!


Welcome To My Problems Generator, Pick One:

Messaging, copywriting, tag lining, naming, website shame, writer's block, cringeworthy posts.

// You’ve got a bad case of writer’s block so you literally sit at your laptop watching Netflix and call that work because you got nothing.

// You cringe at every post you’ve ever written so you never want to write anymore.

// You don’t know what your message is and it’s confusing AF, because one day you’re writing about periods and the next you’re writing about graphic design.

// You never want to send people to your website because it makes you gag.

// You can’t release your awesome new program because the name makes you want to stab yourself in the eye.

Welcome To My Solutions Finder:

// Get crystal clear on your message and get it down to a cohesive sentence that you can memorise and say on repeat.

// Tweak the copy for your welcome series, for your sales page, for your home page, for your Facebook ad that’s not converting, for your about page because talking about you sucks, and feel proud of your website and your words that you actually want to send prospects to the page where they can pay you.

// Name your new program + make the tagline work for you so you can stop procrastinating and actually get this amazing thing you’ve created out into the arms of the people who need it.

// Brainstorm a whole bunch of blog posts for the next month and outline them so all you have to do is write them.

// Develop your brand voice, and create a brand voice guidelines for your business so you know that every word you choose to write is strengthening your message instead of making you look like a confused little lamb.